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With green topped hills
And white over sized pills
I wonder when the next happy day arrives

Do I need this medication at all?
To create this silence and drowsy self
I’ll prey to the lord
And I hope beyond despair
That the lord will carry me
To a safer place in time

Allow me to correct myself
And take these pills away
Chuck them in the hidden
Where they shan’t be found

I don’t need a drug to help me see the light
Nor hope a doctor will see this continuing pain inside
Though I sit in fright of how I appear

I preyed to you lord
And you heard my screams
Through your plain paned walls
I know you felt my tears and on going fears

With your strength that you rinsed through me
With the touch of the slow guiding wind
With the essence of you surrounding me

I was reunited with the self
With my original shell
And live for today lord
For tomorrow is the day ahead

My presence no longer belongs with evil misfits
I belong to you my lord
And it is you lord
That is the giver and taker of life

I pray to you o lord ….

That you will see my path in life is right …


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