Pipes and drums

by | Aug 24, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Ah’v nae played the bagpipes today
For my breath is getting week
But ah dream of all the days so long ago
When we lads all marched along
And the pipes were sounding strong
But now ah’v nae the strength to blow
Tho’ I can still hear the drums and pipes a’playing
As they play the tunes of Scotlands glory
When they sound across the heather and the glen
For its there ah want to be amongst the mountains and the lochs
To remember all ma mates the Scottish fighting men
Wie a tear in ma eye now
As Battles past ah bring to mind
And all the braw young Scots lads
That we had to leave behind
So today we may live in freedom
And the ultimate price of war they paid
They live forever in our thoughts
Eternal Sacrifice displayed


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