Pirate Captain Hook’s demise

by | May 2, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

In deep and blue Bermuda Sea,
Lay Hooks old ship; The Parolee;
All full of wicked crooks and thugs,
And bilges full of rats and bugs;
Around the headland of the bay,
Hove Scarlets ship; ‘The Remoray;’
Its Captain gave her solemn word,
To put the pirates to the sword;
The foremost guns belch wicked flame,
And larboard guns; did just the same;
Sky is full of flying metal,
Kitchen sink to old tin kettle;
Captain Hook; none too pleased,
Because; he is so cruelly teased;
Watch out Captain shes at your guts,
Retorted he ‘You scurvy mutts!’
The grapple hooks were flying fast,
A lucky shot broke old Hook’s mast,
Then Captain Scarlet led her men,
Patch eye Jim and Bowery Ben.
Pirates all, were clapped in chains,
For Captain Hook, he had no brains;
Then with a rope around his neck,
They swung him off his dirty deck,
Many folk still tell the story,
About that day: The tale’s gory,
How Captain Scarlet hung old Hook,
He was we know a wicked crook,
And surely as this tale is penned,
Old Hook had met his bitter end.



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