Pitter patter

by | Oct 21, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I turned my head from a Sun kissed Sky
Would the weather today stay this way
Or is the Barometer falling
Will we have rain back once more today
I glanced again across the room
As the Silver clouds go scudding by
Acting like a shutter to the Golden rays
The blue has disappeared from the Sky
And looking at the window
Droplets of rain a pattern they form
Is this a passing shower
Or start of a Summer storm
And a pitter patter melody plays
Beating upon the window pane
It might be even prudent to call it
The Rhythm of the Falling rain
But then as tho’ by magic
It went as quick as it came
Leaving a Rainbow in it’s wake
Is there a crock of Gold to claim
Now I’ll cease my watch on the window
Until another day’s here
When I’ll look at the weather forecast
And check if the Barometer reads clear.


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