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When sitting alone in contemplation
Do you close your eyes too as tho’ asleep
Reflecting perhaps on the past in your life
The fond Memories you will always keep
But when you reflect on those bygone days
Do you also remember with ire
The temper and tumult within your soul
Which burnt like a consuming fire
In times when anger took over
Vitriol and malice seemed to run rife
As though tearing the heart from your body
Transforming to a hateful outlook on life
For it seems now and then that the Demons take over
And wreak havoc from deep within
Turning your once ever tranquil being
To commit every conceivable sin
And never did you consider the fault to be yours
As you continued to rant and rave
Not really a prime example of guidance
If teaching a Family how to behave
But always after what may be termed as outbursts
And your own gentle soul returned
You knew in your heart there must be a solution
Maybe many a lesson to be learned
Then examined with thought and deliberation
Putting these angry episodes through a virtual sieve
Perhaps ‘tis better to speak your mind without grudge
And find the platitude to forgive


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