Play Time

by | May 5, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Remember back when you were young
Fun and laughter filled your day
Remember how it made you feel
When you had time to play

Well just because we’re all grown up
We don’t have to give up playing
Listen carefully, and I shall explain
Exactly what I’m saying

Don’t you sometimes wish you could
Be a child again once more
To live your life without a care
Like you used to once before

Remember all those wonderful fantasies?
You had when still a child
Well allowing yourself to play for a while
Can let your childhood fantasies run wild

Your inner child that was once free
You now keep locked inside
Well, why not open up that lock
So your child can play outside

Take time out of your busy day
To relax and just have fun
You’ll be amazed how good you feel
Once your play time has begun

Fun and laughter fills your soul
With all that’s good in life
It makes you forget for a moment
A world full of misery and strife

Taking time for fun and play
Rejuvenates your soul
Slowing down the hands of time
To keep us growing old

We don’t grow from too much laughing
We grow old because we stop
So fill your world with lots of laughter
Keeping your inner child topped up


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