Please, Remember!

by | Nov 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

War is war; is war; is war,
No matter where or what it’s for.
For those who battled, those who died,
Did so for more than country’s pride.

They did it for the rights of others;
Kinfolk, strangers, children, mothers.
They fight to keep darkness at bay,
That may engulf us should they sway.

For those among you who suppose
To speak against them and oppose;
Or dismiss them with no thought,
Learnt not the lessons history taught.

For all the freedoms you possess,
Your right to life; no more, no less.
Your choice to voice, your right to write.
A place to lay your head at night.

Those who serve, you may abhor,
Or even worse, you just ignore,
Guard those things that you perceive,
Are yours to righteously receive.

You may not side with Government
On where our Servicemen are sent;
But these brave warriors of ours,
Guard the gates and man the towers,

Of the places that you live;
Protecting these, their lives they’ll give.
The shame of this society,
Is ignorance and apathy

From all this I ask: Remember!
On 11th of November,
For those who gave and those still giving,
To protect your chosen way of living.


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