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I’m driving down from Sheffield
Looking for somewhere to stay
And by the time I’ve got to Chesterfield
I thought I’d lost my way
There must be somewhere near here
A little village away from the crowd
Where I can sit and reflect on life
Even think my thoughts out loud
I see there’s a sign for Scarsdale
Which brings to my mind collieries and pits
And the sight of the colliers finishing their shift
Through the dust on their faces , eyes are slits
I’m still driving on past Bramley and Glapwell
And Rowthorne is there on my right
Then as I pass New Houghton
Behold Pleasley comes into sight
Now I’ve never been to this village before
But I feel that I know it so well
The Black Boy,Swan, Pleasley Plough, Mason’s Arms
All good drinkers pubs I can tell
So I made up my mind this is where I would stay
And booked B & B for the night
Then decided to have a wander around
And in the morning I just might
Take a look at the church of St Michael
Then take in St.Barnabus too
Have a quick look round the gravestones for history
As most nosey visitors do
But it’s time to be on the move again
Mansfield’s not too far away
So I’ll bid farewell to Pleasley
Where I once spent an interesting day.


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