Poem For Remembrance Service – 2012

by | Sep 30, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Far above they gather, gazing down on us here
They watch in awe at our endless quest and fear
They know right is with us but the cost is high
They gave their lives so that others need not die.

The strength of our fallen rains down on our heads
So we can overcome the loss of comrades and friends
They inspire us to be strong and press on with the fight
The path is dangerous but the cause is right.

So be heartened by those who serve us today
For they are the proud legacy of our great history
Bold and true they neither fear nor dread
Standing shoulder to shoulder with our glorious dead

Remembrance and honour to those lost before
And to our heroes today fighting from war to war
They are our past and our future rolled into one
Pray keep them safe until their task is done.


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