Poem for The Soldier

by | Aug 25, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

selflessly you leave behind, your mums, dads, husbands and wives
selflessly you leave to fight and you risk your lives.

all the horrors you have seen,
haunt you at night, in your dreams
you cheered as your enemies hit the ground,
cried as your brothers fell all around.

when it’s all over, you’ll come back home,
many dealing with the memories all alone….

those who survived, emotionally scarred,
those who survived permanently marred.
those who did not, lie eternally
sleeping peacefully for the land they helped make free

freedom was the gift, that you gave selflessly
pain and death was the price you paid

every day you have my utmost respect,
we will for ever be in your debt……

love Emma xx


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