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Polish floor, polish bed frame, polish glass,
Polish belt, polish edges, polish brass.
Polish, polish, polish,
or he’ll kick our bleedin’ arse.

Polish door, polish frame, polish flap,
Polish badge, polish peak, polish strap
Polish, polish, polish,
or he’ll have us in the crap

Polish sole, polish heel, polish shoe
Polish sink, polish cistern, polish loo.
Polish, polish, polish,
or we know what he will do.

Polish barrel, polish butt, polish grip
Polish canteen, polish cup, polish clip
Polish, polish, polish,
He don’t let us make a slip.

Now twenty odd years later, thinking “he” has lost his power
I stand here in the bathroom, been here for a bleedin’ hour.
It’s not me that I’m cleaning, no.
I’m polishing the shower !


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