Political correctness

by | Sep 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I have come to the conclusion
That this world is going mad
How can a children’s nursery rhyme
Be construed as being bad?

Tell me, why does a board that’s painted black?
Cause so much offence
Are we not simply stating a fact?
Or have we banished common sense?

If a blackboard can’t be named just so
Then neither should a white
But no one takes offence at this
Something’s just not right

If flying the English flag
Causes so much of a stir
Then the rest of the world should take theirs down
Then everything is fair

We can no longer finish for Christmas
But rather a winter’s break
Is this a Christian country or what?
Get real for pity’s sake!

Brave men and women of years gone by
Fought for our freedom of choice
But PC morons have ignored this fact
And now we are lucky to still have a voice

The justice system is all to cock
The criminals insist they have rights
What about the rights of the victims?
When they’ve been subjected to terrible plights

These PC rules now seem to control
All we say and do
Woe betide should you refuse to conform
Then they’ll throw the book at you

There is a simple solution
To put this country back on track
Kick these morons in to touch
And give them all the sack!


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