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Blackened faces, red rimmed eyes so white they smart with light,
Miners emerging from the earth’s deep bowels, a grin, not one, in sight,
The end of a day, a shift so long, bones that scream with pain,
Ten thousand tons of coal a week, the wants of man so vain,

But what’s it worth, this toil of man, scraping coal, from deep within,
Pollution to destroy our atmosphere, so the sun can burn our skin,
They work to feed, their families mouths, like moles they sweat and toil,
Until in the end the brass decides, to return the mines to soil,

The oil well spews its untold filth, complimenting its brother coal,
Putrid carbon belching forth, enlarging that ozone hole,
Surely by now it’s so clear to see, what its doing to our planet so fair,
Earthquakes, avalanches, Floods and drought, nobody seems to care,

Increase the tax, on energy use, and invest in alternative fuels,
Further research into sun, wind and wave, means cost free Kilo Joules,
The world must unite under one techno flag, leaving all difference behind,
No matter the colour, gender or creed, save the world for future mankind.


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