Poor old Dad @ Christmas

by | May 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Folk! Christmas you know is only JUST around the corner
With Christmas trees to get dressed, and paper chains to be strung
Tales to be told, of little Bo-Peep dating Jack Horner
And there’s secrets to be whispered and songs to be sung

Mince pies and cakes yet to be baked on the old kitchen range
Bottles of fine Champagne to be chilled, and laid down to rest,
All the decorations to be hung, and food to arrange,
Santa’s clothes to get ready, his red trousers and vest.

There’s the piles of snow to be swept from the old kitchen door
Glasses to be polished for the warm welcome drink
And the wood to be chopped, to make the open fire roar
All the dishes to be checked, and stacked near the sink

Tidings and God bless you! I think it will really be fun
But oh BOY! A Dad’s work at Christmas is NEVER quite done.


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