Praise the autumn

by | Nov 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

A Peach coloured sun climbs toward a pale blue sky
You can glimpse a fox or two as they hurry on by
The dew sparkles in droplets on a branch overhead
With leaves of russet and yellow and berries of red
Mist creeps over the fields like moving ribbons of white
Two deer graze at the edge in the early morning light
The sweet smell of wood smoke fills the air all around
A single leaf leaves its branch and swirls to the ground
Autumn has come again, it’s that time of the year
God slows our land down for its rest and repair

The sun arrives high in a sky of clear blue
Around and about float a white cloud or two
God has given us a day of joys to behold
A paint box brimming of reds, yellows and gold
Trees dressed all over in colours ablaze in the sun
Hedgerows heavy with fruits for everyone
Orchards still waiting with fruit on the boughs
Some fields of brown that have seen the ploughs
A last feast of beauty and plenty from God above
That adds strength to our faith and proves His love

Now the sun is a ball of fire low on the hill
The roof of our world like a blaze of glory still
Golden, orange, reds, purples and blue
As a breathtaking farewell for me and you
In gardens people gather in the rewards of their toil
The last of the flowers and produce of their soil
Keep the vision of autumn bright in your hearts
Until the awakening of spring and growth restarts
Always giving thanks to God for His helping hand
And that we are privileged to live in a fertile land


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