Pro Patria

by | May 23, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

And where are you fighting now my child
Holding your Country’s head high
Are you in the heat of a battle?
With attitude must do or die

Or are you at rest or in training
Awaiting the challenge to come
Do you think on all of the reasons?
You’ve chosen to carry a gun

Is it just Country and Monarch?
That comes to the front of your mind
Or is there a much higher purpose
Improving the state of mankind

Of keeping in check the world’s tyrants
Ensuring that all folk are free
To make and select their own lifestyle
To shape their own destiny

To publicly state their opinions
Perhaps what you hear you won’t like
But giving the freedom to say it
Is worth every day that you fight

We think every day of your mission
And hope that when your life is run
You look back with pride and with honour
On all of the things you have done


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