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Strolling the Promenade
In the midst of Winter
No Holidaymakers in sight
What are the thoughts that go thro’ your head
Is this the place to live , despite
The fact that so many strangers
In a few more months may choose
To follow in these very footsteps
In an attempt to be rid of the “Blues”
The downside of their everyday life
Their trials and tribulations
Which appear these days to be rife
But they may have chosen this walk, early morning
With nothing particular in mind
And just to breath the fresh Seaside air
Leaving their troubles behind
Then sit in a seafront shelter, facing seaward
And stare at the horizon afar
Catch a sight of the ships that are passing, in the distance
Or the buoys that may mark a sand bar
Away to the left the Estuary and the Lighthouse
With it’s ever welcoming light
Like a guiding star to a Mariner
Who may be sailing home by night
But here in the early morning
The fishing boats are leaving the shore
To search the seas for the shoals of fish
Which may fill their trawls once more
Then as tho’ by the touch of a switch
Myriads of sails seem to come into view
With the Wind driving all these tiny sailing boats forward
And manned by their 2 man crew
Now it’s time to get up and stroll once again
It’s just turned ten minutes to eight
Time to return the way that they came
And insure that for breakfast they’re not late
It’s at times like his that you realise
And it’s Oh! so plain to see
That Life has so many joys and pleasures to offer
And surprisingly, of cost, they are free .


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