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Let me take your hand
So I may catch you if you fall
I promise I will not let go
Be strong my son, stand tall

Let me be the one you turn to
So you can share with me your fears
I promise I will give you strength
Be strong my son, dry your tears

Let me hold you in my arms
So you can face each passing day
I promise I will hold you tight
Be strong my son, you’ll be okay

Let me speak my words of comfort
So you no longer have demons to fight
I promise I will take them away
Be strong my son, you’ll soon see the light

Let me be the one to lift you
From this downward spiral you’ve found yourself in
I promise I will lead you out
Be strong my son, you will win

Let me be the one to remind you
As your mother I will not steer you wrong
I promise my love will be with you forever
I’ll always be there for you son, so stay strong


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