Push off and leave me alone

by | Feb 21, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Push off and leave me alone
And take your phoney sympathy with you.

You don’t get it do you … he was special. Not in that
Everyone’s special new labour way

He was and so were we

We didn’t meet at a dance or in some cheap nasty pub
We met in a place where the lovers cry of
I’d die for you was tested

We met in a place where we’ll be together for ever
Might mean for the rest of the day

We saw so many who wouldn’t make it home
We packed up belongings and hunted down flags

And still we loved.

You didn’t get us then so you wont get it now

So take the religion,
take the I know how you feel,
take the this is what he would have wanted and leave me alone

I want the company of soldiers, those who really know
How it feels to see the dead in the corner of the room

Their faces accusing, their hands beseeching

Don’t sign that order, change your decision,
Let us go home
In the same way we came here.

We don’t want your flags and your tears and your endless poetry
So take your self imposed rituals.
Push off and leave us alone.


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