‘Quiet contemplations’

by | Apr 18, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

In the deep dark hours,
In middle of this restless night,
Still quite a while before dawn,
I await the noise of Conflict.

Stars in heaven so bright!
Silver white in their exuberance
Ride piggyback, high on the
ink black stallion of the sky

Starlight is consumed only by
radiant glow of moonbeams
My dreams chase like rabid bats
across a chasm of bitter war

Dark thoughts race in my brain
and through my life’s past valley
Cacophony of silent sounds:
Quiet noise of contemplation

These hold my deep secret thoughts,
Courage, fears, hopes and dreams.
Harsh brightness of early morning,
Daylight bursts through my window.

As it devours black wrapping of night,
I awake so mortally afraid
I ask myself if today is the one,
When I will meet my own salvation?


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