Quiet Forest

by | Mar 17, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Tread quietly in the forest on an October evening,
Scrunch the fallen leaves underfoot, not yet winter’s brown!
Gathering twilight and a gentle drizzle cloak everything in silence ,
Nature’s ever changing raiment is all around!
Thoughts like dusty moths flicker through the trees,
Close by an owl hoots, while bats swoop overhead,
There’s a rustle in the undergrowth and he emerges a presence standing in the middle of the path!
The stag lifts his head then disappears into the mist taking the days brightness with him!
Light is fading fast, the forest is almost asleep,

Daybreak a week later sees a different scene,
Jack Frost has blown his icy breath over everything,
Ducks skid across a frozen pond, everything is held in cold still splendour!
Animals in hibernation slumber on whilst others emerge into the daily struggle for survival.


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