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( Found on a Military Forum )

5-Feb-09 14:49 NEWTON Current weather conditions have reminded me of a story doing the rounds in, I think, the mid-70s. Apparently, RN ratings at an RAF base (Phantom squadron at Leuchars?) in similar conditions built a snowman, which a passing RAF driver then took great pleasure in demolishing with his landrover. Jack then built another snowman. RAF driver again gleefully charged the snowman – and did considerable damage to his vehicle when it hit the bollard concealed within. Local RAF hierachy were apparently not amused.
Is this an apocryphal story? Can any bar member recall the details of the incident? Pictured as a Tugg cartoon it conjures up a blissful image!

5-Feb-09 15:48 NORTHERNER True story – It was 892 Squadron, I would guess winter of 74/5, when the squadron was detached to, I think, RAF Cottesmore. However, it was not just a passing land rover, it was the RAF Police on patrol who did not approve of such frivolity. Much gnashing of teeth, and the RAF tried to 126 the squadron for a new landie. They failed.


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