Raindrops and Tears.

by | Feb 11, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The raindrops mix with my tears,
The ones I shed when I show my fears,
The scars I bear you can not trace,
For I always see his long dead face.

I stumble but do not fall,
Held up by my brothers all,
Together we stand against the strife,
To uphold freedom and for your life.

We held that book and gave the vow,
To fight and die for you right now,
I meant every word I said that day,
And to go fighting, the glory way.

When we finally come back to you,
Please understand what we’ve been through,
We marched to the gates and back,
And spilt blood on that dusty track.

All I wish to see in blossomed fruition,
Is the finish of the endless mission,
To lay content in loving faith,
And know that you are finally safe.


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