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Oh! how I long for the countryside
For solitude and peace
A place of pleasant sanctuary
Where worries seem to cease
For here I can bare my very soul
In perfect dignity
Away from all of the strangers
And the only critic is me
I stroll along the country lanes
Until a style I see
A place for entry to the fields beyond
In the world where I long to be
Far away from the towns and cities
The traffic, the hustle, the noise
Here is my Utopia
Where we used to play as boys
Looking out across the hills
When the Sun is coming to rest
Displaying a carpet of green and gold
Before the Twilight that I love best
There’s oats & barley & maize and wheat
For Harvest time is here
The time when labourers work from dawn to dusk
To make sure the fields are clear
Then straightaway out with the Tractor and Plough
And till the land for next year
As I’m wandering now past the Farm House
I’m invited in by the Farmer and his Wife
To join them for Supper and a glass of Cider
It’s a custom in country life
When I take my leave and stroll along
In the last of the daylight hours
I hear the birds in evening song
As surroundings my eyes scours
I see the run of the wily Fox
The hoot of the Barn Owl from a tree
It seems as though they are putting on a show
Especially for me
And that’s why I walk my solitary path
The animals are my company


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