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Lemmings heading for the cliff top jump without thought!
Following the group their instinct for survival is based on hope as they follow the one before!
The human race is looking for a leader, throwing good after bad in the struggle to survive.
The common man is soon to be given an identity number!
Who are the ones without a number?
The YES men are nodding, fat cats without a conscience
Can we stand apart from it long enough to SEE!
Young men are dying for the madmen’s dreams while the old are neglected cast away like yesterdays news!
Old men in chairs puffed up with greed are supposedly running the country!

Working, working, and working some more, like a mouse in a wheel going nowhere for sure!
The merry-go-round of life keeps spinning, for those who follow,
The rest just watch with their feet on the ground!
A blink in time is all we are, held fast in this life by a distant star!
Doing what we do- is the need to survive, who we are is who we love!
Striving for success fills a need, but without love we are like the thorn bird singing and dying simultaneously.


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