Raw Recruit

by | Apr 13, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

You’ve joined the Army to be a Soldier
That’s all you ever wanted to be
To learn to be a Professional man
Away from your Family
And now as you walk through the barrack gates
Do you think your decision was right
‘cos now you‘re part of the Military world
And not a civilian in sight
So it’s off to your bunk in the billet
Which will be your home from now on
Away from all those home comforts
Which are now well and truly gone
Up for Reveille at 6 in the morning
And the Corporal is standing there
Right you lot, off down to breakfast
And then some drilling on the Square
Down to the Stores for Uniform issue
And then on to the M O for a check
To make sure that you’re living and breathing
And the Sergeant lays his cards on the deck
“Now listen up and understand
And doubt me, well you might
‘cos if you think my orders are wrong
These 3 Stripes on my arm make me right”
You’ll do all your Basic Training
Will the shouting and bawling e’er stop
As you learn to obey the order of command
And at “ double time” until you’re fit to drop
Then on you go to learn a Trade
Perhaps to follow your Life’s desire
To drive a lorry , a Tank ,Technical support
Or mend a puncture in a Transporter tyre
And when the training’s all over
And you sit back and reflect
I wonder what your Life in the Army will bring
Perhaps more surprises than you expect
For the life of a Soldier is varied
There is always a call on his time
As the esteem of the British Military Man
Is held Worldwide as truly sublime
The task you face may be Overseas
To an unknown land afar
To help to solve a Terrorist threat
Or contain a local “Coups d’etat”
But whenever the World at large may need
The help of Military might
That is the time you’ve waited for
To use your training and join in the fight
Perhaps free other Nations of oppression
With the Pride that is always displayed
Which is always there in your Memory
Of your own “Passing Out Parade”
Now you’ve followed your Life’s ambition
As a British Soldier to be seen
To wear your Uniform with pride
In Service of the Flag, the Country and The Queen .


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