Raymond Lee

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Poetry | 1 comment

Respected by his brothers
another Spartan falls
another gone too early
to answer Sparta’s call

Another friend and brother
a warrior at arms
no finer man you’ll find
to keep us all from harm

You were loved so dearly
so many of us wept
but memories last forever
loved and closely kept

Men will talk of Leapy
of Ray or Raymondo
but whatever name we used
we’re proud that we knew you

Over Scotland’s hills and glens
you had your final gaze
a place where your fine spirit
will walk in morning Ray’s

No man can replace you
or the values you held dear
honour, trust, and loyalty
with friendship and great cheer

Drink a port to our great friend
to our brother Raymond Lee
celebrate his life until
we’re at that FRV

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  1. Mac

    Some things in life are irreplaceable, and Ray Lee was one of those.
    A great friend who is sadly missed but so fondly remembered.
    See you at the FRV Ray.


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