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Looking back at the image in the mirror
I see a man who features are not those of someone scarred by the passage of time
More like an old parchment, that is showing its age on the outside,
You need to unravel it and look inside where you will find a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom

His eyes are a looking ahead to the future, not focused on the past
I feel he has compassion not just for others, but also for himself
I sense that he has started to feel at ease and that he is beginning to be at peace with himself
With that peace I can feel contentment and understanding

It’s as if he has reached a point in his life, where he has found his path at last
A realization that his thoughts are not facts, he has changed the way he views things.
With these changes, the thoughts that remain appear less harmful to him
He seems much stronger, he stands taller, and his burdens appear to be less troublesome

I see a man amongst men


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