‘REALLY lived your dreams.’

by | Apr 25, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

You say, you have always lived your dreams
But have you seen the things I have seen?
For have you seen Rome city’s fountains?
Or climbed blue ice capped mountains?
Seen birth of a lovely native child
as born in the raw and savage wild?
I mean! Do you really live your dreams?
Have you knelt before a Royal Queen
for one awesome moment in a dream?
Ever walked across white frozen land?
Even played in your own funky band
Seen blind man with sweet smiling face
No thought to him colour, creed or race
I mean do you really live your dreams?
Ever once led a parachute team,
or sat outside eating fruit and cream?
Have you ever had a wondrous dream
of a sauna, hot filled with steam?
Been on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge,
or edge of Yosemite’s mountain ridge?
As hot morning sun begins to smile
Run a marathon, or just a mile?
I mean do you really live your dreams?
Have you climbed rugged mountain face?
Glad you belong to the human race
Have you ever dreamed, when oh when
You can stay in bed ’til half past ten?
You eat a juicy hand picked peach
Or find an empty sun kissed beach
That you will drive a firemans truck
Be truly blessed with Irish luck
Now I know that you know what dreams are!
But have you REALLY lived your dreams?


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