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Another day, week, month, year, – the rest of my life,
Where are my friends lives?
Get up, go out, walk, relieve the tension relieve the knot of hate!
Walk, walk and walk some more, what the hell was that bloody war for?
Every day I go out walking,
No more pills just the hills, it’s all I want,
Tramping over the moors I can talk to them again!
God how I miss them!
Still so real, they are alive in my mind!
We were all together yesterday!
Where are they today?
We liberated the Iraqi people, didn’t we?
What did they die for?
How come I survived?
Cannot accept their deaths!
I want to be with them wherever they are!!
Black crows fill the skies with their raucous shrieking!
I won’t talk about the war, my voice box has blown away!
What are the politicians going on about?
Withdrawing the troops?
More lies, empty rhetoric!
They need to shut up people are dead!

Cries of the dead are carried by crows who disappear into the darkness,
Forever sweethearts lie still in the ground,
No birdsong, flowers, or phoenix to rise!
An empty landscape of memorial parks hold lists of names,
Shiny new headstones glint in the sun,
Lives lost waste in eternity!
“Oh heart, oh love, where are you?”


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