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The epic centre of emotion,
Explodes from sober depths,
Rushing to the surface,
We know not what happens next.
A surge of pressure far beyond,
Which the complexity of mind,
Could fathom in a hundred years,
A tidal wave of fear we find
From waters depths we found the sunshine,
Now to take our flight
We’ve started on our journey,
And charge forth to see the light.
We’ve crossed those treacherous waters,
Each day growing in our strength,
Dry land is soon upon us,
Where we must go to greater lengths.
The shores of sober island,
Are now firmly clear in sight,
As we crash and keep momentum,
We feel our tsunamis might.
For some the waters swallow,
and drag back to murky depths,
But others find their higher ground,
To see what happens next.
Soon all see waves receding,
Back to tridents hand,
And the three percent remaining,
Are now living on dry land!
The tempests gone for now,
Maybe, far away,
Who knows how far tomorrow
So just enjoy dry land today!
“Dedicated to the three percent”


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