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A light turned on, as he stepped off the train,
A voice so loud, screams through the pouring rain,
Conditioned to train, committed to fight
With the putting on of the uniform, on goes the light.

Day in day out the same routine
Into different uniforms, different shades of green,
The assault course again, the six mile run,
Repeated the next day, it has to be done.

Strange, but it never gets boring, time after time
“Down on your face” “push out ten” “stay on the line”
Repeated, repetitive, but not the same old thing
You enjoy knowing just what the next day will bring

Then it all changes “you think for yourself”
Look after your own fizz “it’s your bleedin health”
It’s the same routine, but the difference is,
You’re giving yourself orders, making you do fizz.

The tools that you’re given are the same as the rest,
It’s what you do and how you use them, that make you the best,
Change for the better, is what you will do,
“You’ll change so much you’re own mom wont know you”.

All the neighbours look at the boy they once knew,
Having no idea, what he has had to go through,
No more silly boy, with the temper and strops,
He now helps out round the house, not bringing the cops.

He’s done us proud, the army’s done him good,
The days spent on contact drills, the nights spent in mud,
So close to the end, just the last few days
Passing out from the tornado of the recruit phase.


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