Reflections of “arteP”

by | Sep 1, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

Complexion of magenta hue, when Desert sun bids evening call
Secreted Neath “Jabal Haroum”, where Aaron lay his weary head
This city of the dead pours forth through narrow chiselled gorge
A wanderer’s oasis on nomadic treks, where caravans do forge

Touched by Moses staff as Blessed, to quench the arid soil nearby
To sate the thirst of sinful men and set them on a righteous path
The “Miracle of Miriam” looks down with countenance divine
Upon the hewn shaped monuments, where Gods, in chambers deep recline

In Exodus it doth recount as ‘Stations’ written down
For mankind hence to walk in light, awaiting of the Saviours call
Flowing waters nurtured life, within scorched anvil plain
Protection sought from raiding hordes, which overthrow and seek to gain

In modern history account, “El Orrance” He of “Lawrence” fame
Held off the ‘Turk’ invasion, keeping secrets safe for now
To Aqaba with Bedouin he charged, midst windblown flowing robes
Refreshed from “Petra’s” haven home, to venture forth ‘twixt sunlit strobes

Tourists flock in thousand fold to glimpse this sandstone world in Red
A city carved by man’s own hands, such beauty to impart
Time doth have no meaning here, for ancient Spirits dwell
Where once did call to all lost souls and cast a lasting spell


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