Reflections of Mary

by | Jul 19, 2012 | Poetry | 0 comments

I cradle in my blood stained arms, a life no more as was
Through tear filled eyes above the heaven’s chorus weeps as one
This heart is torn asunder; as my mind is warped through pain
The cold dank earth beneath my feet, as in an Altar formed
Once more sweet innocence is offered; Sacrificed by man alone
Upon a makeshift Cross laid bare, no need of image hewn
Two thousand years have passed on by, yet still we are as then
Owned by dark filled thoughts, when dressed in wanton selfish aim
For ‘Cause’ that’s justified as truth, by messengers of hate
Who deem such dark indulgence as a way to make their mark
Once more I focus on the face of one whose Mother comes to call
No words of mine can ease the burden to be borne this day
As if ‘Upon the Hill’ has come to pass, as long ago forsworn


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