Reflections on The lonely walk

by | Aug 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hot sun, cool brain
What a soldier needs
In this terrain
As you begin
The lonely walk
Silently you start to talk
Of all the things you
have to look
So when you finally
Reach the trap
You’ll disengage
and go back

As you carefully
check the bomb
Someone is
Looking in
Your fingers move
Along and feel
You wonder who
Is watching you
Hoping you
have got the thing
Not blowing all
to smithereens

You say the prayer
That they all say
“If it is my time
Make it quick,
But, whatever
Don’t let me
Bugger up.

When I’m here I feel alive
Every nerve, every vibe
But let me be lucky
and survive
To leave this harsh
and troubled place
Can’t wait to hold
my loved ones tight
In a different time
and space.


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