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Remember Ulverston?
You and I, hand in hand
Like teen-age lovers in mid-fifties bodies.
Pewter coloured clouds sprinkled their confetti.
We didn’t care, not you and I.
The ancient market square,
Encompassed in old buildings and new shops.
Its quaint museum, with ten-seated cinema,
Dedicated to Stan and Olly.
I remember.

Remember the lakes?
The old steam train,
No longer ‘Faster than fairies faster than witches’,
Chugging between sedately woodland glades.
Lake Windermere, with its yellow submarine giving a different view.
Above waves, whitewashed houses stand out while we drift by,
Their manicured gardens dip their toes in cold dark water.
We didn’t care, not you and I.
Still in love after all these years.
Yes, I remember.

Remember the journey home?
Three lane motorways squashed into two
By red and white cones.
Hours of nose to tail traffic.
We didn’t care, not you and I.

I remember, yes I do remember.


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