Remember Me

by | Oct 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

In clay and mud and grass and sand
We sleep now on these foreign lands
We were the brave who fought and fell
The ones who never lived to tell

Remember us to old and young
And tell them of the things we done
We are the sons who had to go
We lie in peace where poppies grow

We lay beneath these fields and woods
We lay here where we fought and stood
Remember me to those back home
I’m with my mates, I’m not all alone

So teach the young about our war
And as years pass we may see no more
No sons and dads and bothers lost
For war demands a deadly cost

Remember me to mum and dad
To bother Tom and Aunty Madge
Remember me on Poppy day
Fields dressed in poppies is where I lay


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