Remember me

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Remember me for I will soon be gone.
It won’t be long until we are down to one.
For I was once like you, young and carefree.
But then the call came to fight for my Country.
I took up this challenge along with so many others.
It did not take us long to become like Brothers.
We all thought the challenge ahead was going to be short.
Once we had committed we where totally caught.
Training was tuff as you would expect it to be.
I would like to say they made a man out of me.
Once we where ready it was of to the front.
To ease the burden on those who took the brunt.
I could not put into words how my war did unfold.
Many books exist and many stories have been told.
To live through five years of war nearly drove me insane.
Why did so many die, and who could we blame.
Once I was home the nightmares began.
Often in my mind I just ran and ran.
Desperately running from what I don’t know.
But to all around me I had to put on a show.
As the years past they began to fade.
Just every now and then one would be replayed.
Time has moved on and now I am near.
I know I am dying and I have nothing to fear.
So the question my friends ask, would you do it again?
Even with hindsight I would still go through the pain.
Because what I personally fought for was my family.
I know times have changed but they still mean the World to me.
People look at me now but they sadly can’t see.
The young man who once fought for them, and set them free.
War is a truly terrible thing and should be a very last resort.
But if the call goes out you have to give it your support.
Our soldiers are still fighting as I write this poem.
Dying in foreign Countries when they should be at home.
The Poppy is a symbol of blood and hell.
Let’s sincerely hope in the future we have fewer stories to tell.

Capt Roach


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