Remember my Past

by | Dec 9, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Death! Cold, Cold Death
No emotion, No sorrow,
Just today! This minute, no tomorrows,

No one cares! Live or die,
Just sit and stare
Into death do I,

A name no more, A number am I,
There’s no before,
Remember my number when I die,

Lying! Sighing! Hunger pains,
Dying! Starving
On cold bed stains,

My skeletal frame has had its last,
No more do I hunger,
I am now past,

No tears shed, no sorrow, no crying
When I am gone,
Will they remember? Or know of my dying,

Remember my past as they open the gates,
For me life has gone,
No name! Just a skeletal face,

In a death camp was I, a horror of a place,
In a death camp I died,
Remember my number! My skeletal face.


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