Remember Remembrance Day

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Wear a poppy on the 11th of November
And wear it with the greatest of pride
In glorious red it will help you remember
The unfortunate soldiers who died

Remember the bravery of these women and men
And at 11am let us pause
It’s only for a minute, then our life starts again
But it will show that they died for a cause

Your not obligated, but it’s something you must
Consider to wear close to your chest
Because it’s in those in which we lay our great country’s trust
As they fought before laying to rest

In Flanders fields they battled away
Their life for this country they gave
Wear a red poppy and let it say
Today we remember the brave

Let’s not forget, the likes of you and me
Go to work, come on home, go to bed
But some had no choice, where their work would be
And faced each day with fear and dread

They stood on the front line, shoulder to shoulder
A father, a son and a friend
With no regret of them being a soldier
Or if their life would tragically end

So wear a poppy on the 11th of of November
And wear it with the greatest of pride
For every soldier, we should remember
And for a day put enemies aside.


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