Remember the banks

by | Mar 25, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Jack lost his mind near Mandalay,
Though he was young and tough.
Fighting Japs was hell on earth.
Jungle warfare just too rough.
Came home to white coats, padded cells.
His mind was just too funny.
And did the country cure poor Jack?
No. The Government had no money.

Joe lost his arms on D-Day.
He’s just another sad story.
Politicians made the great speech.
Used words like courage and glory.
Joe lived on benefits, his family suffered,
Their life was never sunny.
They existed in utter poverty,
As the Government had no money.

Thousands can tell the same tale.
Hardship, a life of grief.
Did the Nation run to their aid,
Or just offer minimal relief?
But now the Banks face trouble,
Cabinet Ministers eyes are runny.
Carry on, stuff yourselves with gold.
Yes! The Government has some money.

Yes, we shall remember them.
Give our respect and our thanks.
But the Government cannot give money.
That’s going to the Banks!


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