Remember them with glory

by | Feb 20, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The conflict’s still not over
The fight is still not won
But today we all remember
The ones that are now gone.

The ones who fought their battle
And those that won their fight
For the good of all Mankind
And the interests of right.

They may not see the sun again,
Or the wonder of the sky,
But they will hear the poppies bloom
In the place where they now lie

We remember too the injured,
In the wars of hate and strife
They still face a battle
For the remainder of their life.

Let’s spare a thought for the young ones,
Facing war today.
And pray to God for guidance
As we bow our heads and say

Lord, please bless the fallen
And for the lives they gave,
May we remember them with glory
In the world they fought to save.


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