Remember Them With Pride – Past

by | Nov 3, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Many marched and many fought
And many lost their lives
Leaving children fatherless
And leaving grieving wives,
They fought with strength and bravery
Not knowing what would come
Facing dangers every day
Each and every one,
They fought from trenches cold and wet
Doing all they could
Fighting on the front lines
Dying in the mud,
They took their own lives in their hands
To fight them in the air
Not knowing if they would return
Or if they’d die up there,
Those now forgotten heroes
Their names are carved in stone
Fought to save their country
Died far from their home,
We may not each remember them
But we should not forget
The legacy they died for
Is all around us yet,
Remember those brave warriors
Remember how they died
They died to save our freedom
So, remember them with pride.


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