Remember them with Pride – Present

by | Oct 3, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

I see their faces every day
Names of strangers to me,
Someone’s Father, Brother, Son
Why does it have to be?
Do they ever feel alone
While fighting far away?
Do they dream of going home
On that bright sad day?
Are we grateful to them
And do we give them thanks?
Soldiers marching on their feet
Or sitting in their tanks.
Life goes on from year to year
Some things never change
Brave young men getting killed
It really seems quite strange,
“It’s just my job” they tell us,
“One that must be done.”
It shouldn’t be their job to die
For me or anyone
I hope they find protection
And safely get back home,
Getting thanks and praises
Each and every one.
Remember some will not return
Remember those now maimed,
Stories now familiar to us
Faces that are named,
And when the war is over
Guns put to one side
Remember our brave warriors
Remember them with pride.


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