Remember This

by | Dec 17, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

There will always be those who tell you

That you should not

But what do they do?

Sit in their ivory towers

Hiding behind twitching curtains

Never living

Always the ‘you shoulds’

Rather than the Pathfinders

Always the ‘that’s to risky’

That never learn to fly

Life hurts

But the rewards are great

For every great fall there is a rise

However small

The universe is not against you

Only you can make your life miserable

By believing your less wonderful than you are

Less capable

Less caring

Less lovable

Guilt serves no purpose

When you love greatly

It only acts as a block

To greater things

Greater loves

Greater purposes

However small the difference you make

Its still a difference

And will join with all the other small difference

To make a big one

Never let the darkness win

For that is what it wants

Love and let the light in

And feel the lightness within yourself

For you are worthy of this love

No matter what ‘they’ try and make you think


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