Remember today

by | Feb 20, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

We remember today, the men and women who fell
In war while fighting for our freedom

‘Your country needs you’, the posters read
On the wall near the old school yard,
With pictures of marching soldiers
And a white enlisting card

‘Let’s join up’, the young boys said,
‘We must go down and sign on.
It will be a great adventure
Mum will never know we’ve gone’.

They never got to tell their folks
Of the places they had been
They never got to tell them
Of the horrors they had seen.

They brought them home in body bags,
Their battles they had fought.
It was the war to end all wars
Or so the people thought

Many years have come and gone,
Since the war to end all wars.
But still the slaughter carries on
Without any real, just cause.

There is an empty wall at Alrewas
Which I hope is never filled.
It is waiting for the names of boys
Who have not yet been killed.

So let us all now pray to God,
For the day when every war shall cease
When all men will live side by side,
In worldwide lasting peace.


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