Remember Tommy Atkins

by | Mar 22, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Remember me at midnight, marching through the Menin gate,
Out into that bloody salient where I lost me many a mate.
Remember me at 7 o.clock on a splendid July morn,
When I walked forth from my trench to have my body smashed and torn.
Remember me at other times, throughout each night and day,
And all the lands I fought on so that you could have your say.
Remember too, the sailors, and the air force all,
And don’t forget the civvies who met their country’s call.
Oh, you might be complacent now and cite the pointlessness of war,
But it wasn’t because we loved it; it was because we loved you more.
This business with the poppies, it should give you pause for thought,
Because if ever you don’t remember, it will all truly have been for nought.
And it would be a kindness, if you could only spare a quid,
To help care for those as made it, and acknowledge what they did.
The widows and the kiddies, the maimed and mentally ill,
They all need looking after and the good ol’ Legion will.
So, although Remembrance Sunday is a military event
And it’s right to sound the bugle and display a martial bent,
Just remember what it’s all about and at the eleventh hour’s release,
Bow your head in silence, and pray simply for world peace.


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