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Since the 11th of November 1918
They gather year on year
To commemorate in reverence
The shed of an inborn tear
For on this occasion the Nation will gather
To remember the sacrifice made
By Military men and women
Both today and many a past decade
Across the land they’ll solemnly gather
Civilians and Military side by side
Perhaps in memory of a friend or colleague
That in one of the conflicts died
The call is now for attention
They form up ready to parade
Marching to respective memorials
Where their personal tributes will be paid
For many they no longer wear the uniform
Whether Khaki Navy or Blue
Medals proudly worn upon their chests
Maybe Forage Caps and Berets too
The Bearers head the columns
Standards flying in the breeze
Everyone marching with determined precision
A dedication that will never cease
The uniformed men usually head the column
Marching at a steady pace
And Veterans following as well they can
Knowing their spirit time will not replace
The salute is now taken and the Parade comes to rest
And in silence the service is heard
By all those present, in reverence
Perhaps remembering events that had occurred
The Standards are lowered and every head bowed
The lone bugler sounds the Last Post
“They gave their tomorrow for our today”
Are the words remembered by most
Then the order is given ”Attenshun”
And then as one they all march away
Todays Military men and Veterans too
In this Annual Memorial display
For every conflict has casualties
With so many young lives that are lost
The only winner in battle, the Grim Reaper
Involving a tragically high human cost


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