Remembrance Day

by | Mar 10, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Hand in hand, they’d reach around the World
If we would only listen their voices still be heard
The men and women who died in two world wars
Fighting for peace and justice so freedom could be yours

How soon we have forgotten

In Burma, Russia, jungles of Japan, the French and German too
The men and women on both sides who gave their lives for you
Next time you politicians issue ultimatums to your foe
Remember that the last World war was not that long ago

How soon we have forgotten

At the Cenotaph we gather one Sunday every year
Visit, stand in silence, shed a quiet tear
Then go back to your business of arguing for more
If you are not more careful there will be another war

How soon we have forgotten

So think before you act or your children too
Will gather on Remembrance Day to remember you

How soon you’ll be forgotten!


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