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There is a headstone in our churchyard.

It stands Proud – but not alone.

It marks the final resting place.

Of a young hero I wish I had known.

He gave his life, as many did.

So Britain would be free.

We all owe them a vote of thanks.

That’s Us, that’s Thee, that’s Me.

They went by air, by land, by sea

Some destined to leave forever.

I speak not of just our brave young men.

But young women, brave as ever.

Some went behind the enemy lines.

They gave it their best endeavor.

Sadly as with our brave young men.

Some were lost forever.

As years go by their images fade.

But not so will their passing.

As each new generation takes it’s place.

Let’s hope we won’t again be asking.

These brave young souls, our sons and daughters.

To make their mark in history.

Let’s not forget those who went before.

To whom courage was not a mystery.

So on this very special day.

When our nation comes together.

We will not forget their loss.

Never. Never. Never.


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